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Are you looking to build or transform an existing property to become open plan?

Make your open plan living safe…….we have the solution

Are you looking to build or transform an existing property to become open plan?

We have recently installed the Automist SmartScan into 5 new ground floor flats in Walton-On-Thames, each flat having 2 SmartScans installed. They discovered our website when searching for an accredited Automist installer in the area.



What is a SmartScan I hear you say?

The SmartScan is the smarter and modern equivalent to a fire sprinkler with wireless technology so no messy wires.  It only uses 5.5 litres of water per minute per head compared with approx 60 litres per head generated by sprinklers.

The system is reasonably priced and is installed with much less disruption too. It can be fitted in a considerably shorter time-frame than fitting sprinklers alone. Plumis are an award-winning manufacturer of high-tech fire safety devices.

But how does it work?

The system will activate as soon as fire temperatures are detected. It then uses its scanning technology to seek out the fire with the unique pivoting sensor and water misting nozzle. Once it has located the fire, a powerful and targeting spray of water mist is directed onto the fire, suppressing it rapidly.

Far less damage than the old-fashioned sprinkers which sprayed water into the entire room. This usually caused more damage than the fires themselves.

But what about the building regs?

The SmartScan has met the fire performance standards outlined in BS 9252, BS 991 and BS 8458. So homeowners are rest assured that their fire safety measures are covered.