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Automist Smartscan - the smarter, modern equivalent to a fire sprinkler system

Automist Smartscan - the smarter, modern equivalent to a fire sprinkler system


The Automist Smartscan is the next generation of Automist systems, unlike the traditional Automist system, the Smartscan uses an Infer red sensor to locate the fire, before spraying a targeted jet of water mist in the right direction. The Smart scan head sits flush to the wall until it receives the signal from a HD to indicate a fire within the protected room; once the signal is received the Smartscan head scans the room looking to identify the fire within the room.

As with the traditional Automist system Smartscan uses 90% less water than a domestic sprinkler system resulting in minimal water damage and with its small pump there is no need to lose precious space to a large water tank.



MCFP have been installing the Automist systems for a number of years now and are really excited about the release of the Smartscan, due to the increased layouts that it will enable us to tender for.


If you would like more information on Automist Smartscan or would be interested in a CPD presentation please contact liam@mcfp.co.uk 01869 252600.