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Case Study - The Oxford Hotel Group

" I don't think we've had a false alarm in the past 20 years" Julian, MD Oxford Hotel Group


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What I do

I am a first year apprentice as a fire alarm engineer. It's my job to work along side the qualified


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We’ve talked about BS5306-8 (Fire Extinguisher installations) at length this month, but we haven’t looked into the requirements of the standard yet.

What follows is an abridged summary of the points covered in BS5306-8:


Legislation is constantly changing. At MCFP, we keep abreast of these updates so that you – the customer – don’t have to.



The following operating & maintenance tips for Fire Extinguishers are all common sense, and covered as part of a Fire Risk Assessment.


However, you would be surprised how often these 5 Quick Tips are not followed.



Thinking of buying a cheap fire extinguisher via the internet?

Ask yourself these questions first, to make sure you’ve considered all of the ‘additional’ extras?

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Common questions or mis-conceptions.....


Q. Are all Fire-fighters (or ex fire-