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Central Monitoring of Fire Alarm Systems

Understanding fire alarm monitoring

According to government statistics, 67% of major fires occur when buildings are unoccupied. Connecting your fire alarm to a monitoring centre will ensure a prompt response from the Fire and Rescue Service whatever the time of day, saving valuable time, and minimising potential loss.

There are over 350 fires in the workplace every day, 67% of all major fires occur when the premises are unoccupied. Over 70% of businesses involved in a major fire either do not reopen, or fail within 3 years of fire.

When a Fire detection alarm system identifies a fire, the fire alarm panel will operate the fire sounders, however, without attaching monitoring to the system - it will never alert the fire brigade. This has serious implications should you experience a fire whilst your premises are unoccupied.

Our monitoring utilises DualCom FIRE

When saving lives and property, every second counts...

With 67% of fires occurring when premises are vacant, DualCom FIRE provides the ability to get an alert to the relevant emergency service without delay, no matter if the building is occupied or not. The quick reliable despatch of an alarm and arrival of the emergency services is critical when a fire occurs.

In the event of a fire, the DualCom FIRE uses any available UK GPRS network and a PSTN line and/or IP path to transmit high speed signals into any Alarm Receiving Centre. Utilising multiple paths means there is a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on any path. The award winning DualCom WorldSIM® is supplied with every DualCom at no extra charge offering access to all mobile networks.

  • Multiple signalling paths, GPRS, PSTN and/or IP/TCIP (Internet, broadband or LAN connectivity)
  • Use of radio path overcomes alarm vulnerability caused by fire-damaged cables
  • Complies with EN50131 Grade 4 for maximum insurance approval for security applications
  • Fixed tariff means unlimited signals with no hidden charges
  • No need for dedicated telephone line, can share with existing telephone line or network

The systems which we install, have been designed to comply with British Standards and has been developed in response to changes to BS5839-1-2002 section 15:2 where "the early summoning of the fire service is considered critical to the safety of occupants..."

The system will be continually monitored by EMCS who are a BSIA accredited company. More information about this company can be found on their web site www.emcs.co.uk.

MCFP will continue to service and maintain the whole system for you so you have assurance and certification that the system is in working order.

On activation of the Fire Control panel, the fire alarm will alert the Alarm Receiving Centre which is monitored 24 hours per day.

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The monitoring station (EMCS) will call your designated telephone number to check if the fire is real or a false, before calling the emergency services. This configuration of telephone numbers to call can be set up on activation of the account.