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Do you have a HMO and if so, do you know what your responsibilities are?



Do you have a HMO and if so, do you know what your responsibilities are?


Fire Risk Assessments:


If you control any flats, bedsits or hostels, there must a Fire Risk Assessment in place to comply with the fire safety order and this should be in writing.  This is not required for shared houses or single dwellings.

Fire alarm systems and fire precautions in HMOs

Where fire alarm systems are provided in a house in multiple occupation, the landlord is responsible for insuring fire alarms are checked regularly. You must also make sure that the means of escape from the property (normally the halls stairs and landings) are unobstructed. Landlords must provide fire alarms and extinguishers if the property is a large house in multiple occupation. Houses in multiple occupation include shared houses, flats in multiple occupation, bedsits and certain types of converted flats.

All furniture and furnishings that are supplied by the landlord must be fire safe with fire labels present.

Carbon Monoxide and alarms in non-HMOs

Landlords in England are required to provide smoke alarms on every floor of their property and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a solid fuel source.


What happens if you don’t comply?

  • If a landlord is in breach, the Local Authority will issue a remedial notice requiring the landlord to fit the alarms within 28 days
  • The landlord must take all reasonable steps to comply, but the regulations say this does not include legal proceedings
  • If the landlord fails to fit the alarms (and have not taken all reasonable steps) the Local Authority can (subject to the tenant granting them access) arrange for this to be done and serve a penalty notice on the landlord for a sum of up to £5,000
  • If the landlord thinks this is unfair he can ask for the notice to be reviewed and then (if it is not withdrawn) appeal to (what is colloquially known as) the Residential Property Tribunal