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FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS - Have you done yours?

This is an organised appraisal of your premises to enable you to identify potential fire hazards and those who might be in danger in the event of a fire and their location.

Did you know…

Authorities no longer issue fire certificates and those previously in force have no legal status! However, any old fire certificates that you have may be a good starting point for your Fire Risk Assessment.


You MUST keep a written record of your Fire Risk Assessment if your business has 5 or more people.


When carrying out your Fire Risk Assessment, you’ll need to consider the below:


·       emergency routes and exits

·       fire detection and warning systems

·       fire fighting equipment

·       the removal of safe storage or dangerous substances

·       an emergency fire evacuation plan

·       the needs of vulnerable people, eg the elderly, young children or those with disabilities

·       providing information to employees and other people on the premises

·       staff fire safety training


The Fire Risk Assessment MUST be carried out by a competent person. This does not necessarily mean that they must possess specific qualifications.


However, for higher risk or more complex premises a higher level of knowledge and experience is required of the Fire Risk Assessor. In this case, a risk assessor will need to have the specific applied knowledge and skills of an appropriately qualified specialist.  Evidence of specialist training and experience, or membership of a professional body, can enable suitable competence to be demonstrated.