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Fire Signs!

Fire Signs!

Fire safety is something all organisations need to address.

Displaying the right signage is a great way to improve the safety of your premises and will help you to comply with the law. Fire signs play a vital role in your fire safety procedures.

The signs identify which substance is contained within an extinguisher and the type of fires each extinguisher should and should not be used to tackle.

Using the correct extinguisher for a fire is extremely important as using the wrong extinguisher can lead to further damage of your property.

It is important to have signs to keep staff and visitors to your site well informed.

There are three different styles of signs that you can choose from.

  • White background
  • Luminous background
  • Stainless steel effect background (popular)

Most warehouses tend to use the white background signs whereas offices tend to use the stainless steel effect signs as they look more professional.

Statinless Steel Effect                                                                                                                          White Background Effect