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Why Automist Smartscan?

  Why Automist Smartscan?






The home is the place where we should all feel safest. While smoke alarms and fire extinguishers provide a crucial warning against fire, they require human intervention to prevent or stop the spread of a dangerous fire. In contrast, Automist Smartscan offers active protection and is triggered automatically. 



  • Sprinkler Fire Performance – Automist Smartscan has met the fire performance of standards outlined in BS9252 and BS8458

  • Minimises Damage – Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist Smartscan can be stopped once the fire is extinguished, minimising potential water damage

  • Robust Activation – Automist Smartscan is triggered by reliable heat detectors and therefore is not prone to false alarms

  • Lack of disruption – The average retrofit and installation process takes just a few hours with minimal impact to the building or disruption to daily lives

  • Low Maintenance – An annual service should be carried out and should take no more than an hour


If you would like more information on Automist Smartscan or would be interested in a CPD presentation please contact liam@mcfp.co.uk 01869 252600