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Why Should I be Interested in Automist Smartscan

Why Should I be Interested in Automist Smartscan

Our expectations of our homes are in tension with fire safety regulations, more and more homes are seeking Light, Open, Free,Space and building regulations require Dark, Sealed, Contained Compartments. Automist Smartscan allows open layouts to achieve regulatory compliance without requiring a large area to house a water tank.

Without Automist 

With Automist 



Housing Act, RRFSO and HMOs

  • Bans landlords’ inner rooms >1st fl.
    • Risk assessment approach is aligned with
      use of innovative solutions
    • Many landlords exploit light regulation
    • Automist is a reasonably practicable
      solution: landlords should be using it
  • HMO licensing is the frontier of enforcement
    • Properties are inspected
    • Oxford require “total compartment application system” in all non-compliant HMOs
    • Other cities watching

With Automist in the open plan living area this layout is achievable.


Wanting to remove the entrance Lobby

To increase the size of a room by removing the protected lobby can really change the layout of your home, by adding an Automist system in the design look what is possible.


Protected Lobby 



Automist Protected property 



If you would like more information on Automist Smartscan or would be interested in a CPD presentation please contact liam@mcfp.co.uk 01869 252600.