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Would your business survive a fire?

Would your business survive a fire?

Do you need to upgrade?


Upgrade to DigiAir – one of the leading products in the world of monitoring alarms!

An integral (and award-winning) part of the CSL DualCom Security range that has proven to be a ground breaking step forward for security products.

When an alarm is triggered, DigiAir operates like many monitored alarms – i.e. sending a signal to a centralised ARC, ensuring that the alarm call doesn’t go unnoticed. Unlike other alarms that use telephone lines to send this signal, DigiAir utilises all mobile phone networks via a WorldSIM.

This makes DigiAir the most reliable wireless communicator of its kind, eliminating call costs and the risk of phone lines being out of action. The technology also means that it is unaffected by Next Generation Networks (NGNs), giving longevity to the DigiAir system.

Our engineers can log into your Digiair system remotely in order to check any faults etc, giving you piece of mind.

It is designed for low to medium risk premises and is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators as it eliminates call costs and phone charges. DigiAir is small enough to fit into any existing or legacy control panels. It can be supplied complete with a Compact Power Supply for installations where the control panel is unable to consistently provide 12v DC and provides a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Conforms to EN Grade 2
  • Eliminates call costs and phone charges
  • WorldSIM as standard to increase reliability and reduce false alarms
  • Designed for maximum panel compatibility
  • Small enough to fit into any existing panel
  • Dial Capture provided as standard
  • Fast Format, Contact ID and extended SIA
  • Unaffected by NGNs
  • Patented Technology - GB2465833
  • Can be pre-fitted to Compact Power Supply if required