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MCFP > Monitored Alarm Systems  > Automist: The Most Cost Effective Fire Suppression System

Automist: The Most Cost Effective Fire Suppression System

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional sprinkler systems for fire suppression in your home or business? Look no further than Automist. If you’re not familiar with this sprinkler system then don’t worry, we’re here to help. This innovative fire suppression system has only become available in the last few years, but it’s already gaining traction within the industry. Here’s a breakdown of how Plumis’ Automist Smartscan system works and why you should definitely invest in this new development in fire suppression tech.

What is Automist?

Automist is one of the most innovative sprinkler systems to date. Manufactured by Plumis, this water mist system is designed to be smarter, more advanced, and more aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional water sprinkler systems.

Many different types of developments use Automist, and this system is particularly useful for properties with open plan designs. It can often be difficult to receive building approval for open plan properties due to fire safety issues, but with Automist’s compact and versatile design, you’ll be able to set up a highly effective full room fire sprinkler system regardless of what type of property you have.

How does Automist work?

Automist Smartscan has the word ‘smart’ in it for good reason. The intelligent Smartscan feature will ensure that any fires that break out will be detected and suppressed immediately.

Automist is triggered when the ceiling mounted detector senses a fire has broken out. Once this happens, the spray heads will automatically scan the room to look for any temperature changes that indicate the presence of a fire. Once the fire is detected, an under sink pump pushes water through the main nozzle unit and quickly fills the room with a dense fog of water mist. This water mist effectively removes heat and oxygen from the fire zone, ultimately extinguishing the fire.

What are the benefits of using Automist?

Cost efficient

Its versatile yet effective design means that Automist is a much more cost-effective fire suppression system than more conventional water sprinklers on the market. Traditional water sprinklers typically incur high installation costs, and any water damage they cause will only add to the expenses. You can also avoid the additional building costs you may encounter if you’re relying on traditional fire suppression methods (eg, extra stairways).

No false alarms

False alarms can be disruptive to anyone’s day, whether they happen at home or in your workplace. With Automist Smartscan, you don’t have to worry about any false alarms that could leave you soaking wet. The ceiling mounted sensors and spray heads use intelligent scanning technology to help detect temperature changes that indicate a fire, as well as the location in the space where the fire has broken out.

Water efficient

Automist’s water mist system can help you set up a more environmentally-friendly fire suppression system also. Unlike traditional sprinkler systems, Automist only uses 6 litres of water per minute. This is 10 times less water used compared to conventional sprinklers.

Less disruption during installation

If you’ve had trouble retrofitting traditional sprinkler systems into your property in the past, you will have a much easier time using Automist. With Automist, you won’t need to connect the water mist system to a tank. Instead, you can connect it to your normal domestic water supply.

The system also uses flexible water hoses that don’t need to go through your ceiling. These two factors make the Automist system much easier to install compared to other fire sprinklers, while also greatly reducing the chances of water damage in your property.

Meets safety, performance, and industry standards

Safety and performance is absolutely paramount when looking at fire protection technology. This is especially true for open plan spaces, as you’ll know how limited you can be in what fire protection systems you can use while meeting building regulations.

The Automist water mist system has undergone rigorous safety and performance tests by Exova Warrington fire and BSI to ensure that it is effective on all types of property designs. It has also passed all safety checks and is proven to be able to suppress near, far, shielded, and ventilated fires.

If you’re interested in installing Automist Smartscan, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We at MCFP have been working with Automist as registered installers since 2013, with our Automist installers having won Automist Best Practice awards over 4 years. Once we’ve discussed the details of your property, we’ll work with you to design the perfect water mist fire suppression system for you.

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