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MCFP Fire Safety Products

Intruder Alarm System

disarmed intruder alarm

Technology You Can Trust

We are using the best intruder alarm systems because securing your property and your belongings matter the most to us.

intruder alarm easy setup

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Your property and security requirements are unique to you, and that’s why our intruder alarms are designed to suit your needs.

intruder alarm with unlimited fobs

Control At Your Fingertips

Fitted with large buttons, the design allows for quick tasks like activating or disarming the alarm system in just seconds.

Intruder Alarm Installation

Having an intruder alarm, no matter what type, always helps in deterring burglars. Whether you are looking to set up a full home security system, install a new burglar alarm, or need help with your current home security system set-up, MCFP can help.

A qualified engineer will visit your premises and assess your requirements, in a free and confidential service, with no high-pressure sales. Once your survey is complete, an intruder system is designed, tailored to meet your requirements, at all the current industry standards, and then priced for you.

Intruder Alarm System Maintenance

Once the intruder alarm is installed, the service department ensures the continual running of your system, from a routine service to a breakdown (we will respond 24 hours a day).

As an NSI Gold accredited company M C Fire Protection design, install and maintain electronic security systems to a consistently high standard. Having achieved BS EN ISO 9001;2008 we continually strive for improvement in our business processes and maintaining customer satisfaction.

intruder alarm with touch screen

1. Bells-only Intruder Alarm

Most customers who own an intruder alarm have a bells-only one. The area you live determines if you require a bells-only alarm. Can you relay on the local neighbourhood watch to call the police? Or maybe there are friends and relatives living close by that you are confident to take action?

No payment for a monitoring contract
No mobile alerts either when the alarm is triggered, unless your neighbours hear it and immediately contact you. Unfortunately, if nobody acts to stop a break-in, the alarm alone might not deter the intruders.

2. Intruder Alarm Dialler

With this type of alarm, the dialler contacts you or a nominated person when it goes off, allowing to contact the police or a neighbour with a key to investigate the issue. Most diallers allow the client to programme in between three and ten numbers to be called, which will be dialled in the priority order you've set. The first person successfully contacted will be able to stop the rest of the numbers from being reached.

No payment for a monitoring contract. You or the nominated person can be alerted when there is an intruder. Also, additional detectors can be added to warn about other types of threats, such as fires.
Might be too late if you are away and the designated person is unavailable.

3. Smart Home Security System

There are a lot of different options when it comes to smart home security. In all cases, a central hub is needed to connect all compatible devices via the wi-fi network. Consequently, more elements can be added, depending on the chosen system such as motion sensors, cameras, or even sockets that allow switching the lights on or off from a remote location.

Alerts when away from home. It can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone.
However, not all smart security systems are a deterrent as it depends on the components included and their locations.

4. Intruder Alarm Monitoring Contracts

Two of the most common types of contract monitoring are the police fast response and key holder. Both contracts comprise of a monthly or yearly agreement, alarming either the police or the delegated key holder when the alarm is triggered.

A dedicated company is on hand to take action if there is a problem at your home.
It costs money each month or year.

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